Payment methods

All payments made through the USaddicted site are safe and secure. There are 3 simple and secure methods of payments on offer:


When opening a PayPal account, you can pay online by simply entering an email address and a password.  It is not necessary to do more as you decide and choose how you settle payments by credit card, debit card or using your available PayPal balance. Upon checkout, click on "PayPal" and you will be redirected to the site where you can enter your details. In cases of returns, reimbursements for purchases shall be done through PayPal.


SOFORTbanking is an online system of payment that is linked through your bank account. It's a completely secure encrypted process that goes directly through your bank. The SOFORT Banking system is a "certified system of payment" by TUV, the independent German body that validates the safety and security of products and services. Payment through SOFORT is concluded using a two-stage authentication process by entering PIN and TAN codes used for online banking transactions.


Easy ans secure way to pay with your credit card