About USaddicted


Are you a fan of beauty trends from the USA? Are you deeply passionate about makeup in general and American brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dose of Colors, Melt Cosmetics, to name a few?  If the answer is yes, then you are a USaddict. USaddicted is made just for you.


Here at USaddicted we, like you, are passionate about the same things. American makeup products are our passion and we are crazy about every trend and innovation that's happening in America. We wanted to create a website where we can share our passion with like minded fans of American beauty products.


We offer products for sale. But please be aware that, although we adore American makeup products, we do not sell them. We are here to help you arrange your beauty products and how to use them best. How you might ask? We offer makeup organizers that are popular on the other side of the Atlantic to keep your beauty products safe and arranged neatly.


When it comes to trends, we know that everything moves fast and changes rapidly. USaddicted follows these trends very closely. Our radar's tuned so that we can offer something new and innovative each time. Makeup organizers from the US are practical, beautiful, functional and of high quality. You will find these items at USaddicted.


If you have questions or suggestions for all USaddicts, want to talk about a certain product or your passion for US products, all you need to do is to drop us a line or send us a short message. Get ready to become USaddicted!